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Confession #18  Sittin' in the mornin' sun  I'll be sittin' when the evenin' comes 

Watchin' the ships roll in  Then I watch 'em roll away again.... 

In one of those little remarkable coincidences of history, seventy-four years ago this summer the paths of my two grandfathers---who did not know each other, who were from different areas of the country far apart, and who would not meet for another twenty years----converged and brushed briefly at the San Francisco Bay. This I discovered recently while doing research into their lives. 
There, my grandfather Tommy, a sailor in the US Navy aboard the USS Rudyerd Bay, was admitted to the US Naval Hospital at Treasure Island for care and treatment of burns to his hands that he had suffered during the two months the “Rudy” had spent on the line in the ferocious battle for Okinawa. 

Just a few miles across the bay, my grandfather, Arnold Johnson, was engaged in work at the Richmond Shipyard #1 building the Liberty Ships and…

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