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  Seeds of Liberty: Grass Skirts, Atabrine Pills---and Defiance!  An excerpt of James A. Michener's "Fo' Dolla'" in Tales of The South Pacific (New York: The MacMillan Company, 1946) with illustrations from the author's collection. "New Hebrides 1944" watercolor on paper by Martin Daniel Meyer, Seaman 3rd Class United States Navy. Meyer, an aspiring young artist from Denver, Colorado served as a crew member aboard a (yet unknown) Liberty Ship during 1944 and 1945, making deliveries of cargo essential to the Allied war effort and recording in two bound art folios the many people and exotic locations he encountered throughout the Pacific. In this picture of a scene from the New Hebrides---the colonial name for the present Republic of Vanuatu-----Meyer captures and anticipates precisely what Michener would later recollect and describe as the events and circumstances that unfolded as American sailors and Marines, and colonial French plantation

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